About us

Our competence — water and waste water treatment plants

PLANA designs, manufactures and supplies water treatment plants, ensuring their subsequent launch and commissioning. We work for corporate and municipal customers at facilities throughout Russia and neighboring countries.


Each case in water and wastewater treatment is unique

The water treatment plants offered by us are developed for a specific project or technical task of your enterprise and take into account both strict Russian standards for water treatment and stocks, as well as specific corporate standards and rules.

Every case in wastewater treatment is unique

Scope of activity of the PLAN

  • Treatment of household and similar wastewater
  • Treatment of surface storm water
  • Treatment of industrial-rain and oily wastewater
  • Drainage and accounting of septic wastewater
  • Sewage pumping
  • Water and potable water treatment
  • Fire water supply
  • Pumping clean water

Our technologies and products

PLANА Water Treatment Plants

Joint search for the best solution

The company originated as a union of like-minded people with 20 years of practical experience working with corporate customers in the field of applying methods and equipment for water and wastewater treatment. Only constant joint work with the Customer at all stations for the development of the project and the creation of treatment facilities leads to success.

Many of the enterprises, having made a “standard” budget decision in favor of momentary savings, but to the detriment of the quality of treatment facilities, turn to us again in the future. We are always ready to continue cooperation in order to achieve a guaranteed result.

Our projects

Our competencies - water treatment plants

PLANA will never offer a Customer a technically incomplete or technologically inappropriate solution. We are ready to professionally explain and defend to our counterparties the need for appropriate investments.

Wastewater treatment plant: from design to commissioning

PLANA water treatment complexes and installations operate at dozens of industrial and municipal facilities and not only provide environmental comfort for nature and humans, but also comply with safe operation standards and energy efficiency standards, operate stably in the harsh climatic conditions of the Far North and the Arctic regions.

We work with design organizations throughout Russia, providing solutions for use in the feasibility study and project documentation, we produce complete installations and deliver them to the site, we supervise the installation on our own, commissioning and launch of treatment facilities, including setup of the technological process until the standard indicators are reached.

Experience in the Far North and Arctic regions of Russia

Compliance with environmental regulations and oil and gas industry standards

Supporting wastewater treatment plants throughout the entire life cycle