Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Water treatment facilities: design, production, commissioning

Design of water treatment facilities

Development of project and
design detailed documentation


Production of block-modular water treatment facilities and installations

Production of block-modular
WWTP and installations


Technological commissioning of water treatment facilities

WWTP commissioning and adjustment


Pre-project survey of WTP and WWTP

PLANA engineers will conduct a full-scale survey of the treatment facilities, study the design and operational documentation, analyze the technological parameters of the operation of the facilities, and discuss the situation in detail with the personnel and representatives of the Customer.

Based on the results of the survey, we will generate a report and an action plan to achieve cleaning standards. the technical justification for the reconstruction or new construction and the budget proposal will be presented and defended before the Customer.

Technological engineering

The choice of the best cleaning technology is always a compromise between the technical requirements of the Customer and economic feasibility. For your case, priority will be given to the result of cleaning.

We will offer equipment and calculate the cost of the technological complex individually for your needs.

Technologies and Products

Turnkey construction of treatment facilities

«PLANA Engineering Group» LLC performs the whole range of works on new or reconstructed treatment facilities under general contractor agreements. We carry out works both on our own and with the involvement of partner design and construction organizations. Result of work: commissioning of treatment facilities with completed technological adjustment and trained personnel.

  • Design and survey work
  • Detailed design
  • Assembly, production and delivery
  • Construction and installation works on site
  • Commissioning and technological adjustment
  • Personnel training and preparation of regulations
  • Commissioning of treatment facilities
  • Warranty support
  • Post-warranty advisory service