Work in our company and current vacancies

PLAN Engineering Group is a team of professionals united by one goal: to create complex technical products for nature protection and ecological purposes that provide a comfortable human environment and protect the environment. If you think that with a strong team, any task is up to the task, then we are on the way.

Official employment, social package, mutual respect in the team.

Today we have the following vacancies:

Career in PLANA

Commercial department engineer


  • Participation in the preparation of technical pre-project and tender proposals.
  • Interaction with designers and customers on technical requirements.
  • Development and adaptation of engineering and technological solutions.
  • Selection of equipment, costing and cost analysis.
  • Assessing and minimizing technological risks.
  • Participation in the improvement and development of new engineering and technological solutions.
  • Participation in the preparation and implementation of current projects of the company.


  • Higher engineering education.
  • Experience in the formation of technical documents, instructions, explanatory notes, programs, tables.
  • The ability to clearly formulate and describe complex technical solutions.
  • Good command of written Russian, literacy.
  • Attention to documents and their design.
  • Strong knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, electronic communications.
  • Skill in vector and graphic editors is required.



  • Control over the timely receipt of primary documents from counterparties, interaction with the supply department.
  • Checking the correctness of the execution of the received primary documents.
  • Reflection of received receipt documents in «1C Accounting 8.3».
  • Analysis and control of advance payment offsets (suppliers).
  • Reconciliation and control of mutual settlements with suppliers.
  • Organization, accumulation and archiving of primary documents.
  • Providing copies of documents upon INFS requests.


  • Knowledge of programs: «1C Accounting 8.3», MS Office, «Diadoc».
  • Knowledge of accounting methodology in the field of reflecting primary documentation on accounting accounts.
  • Knowledge of the rules for issuing primary accounting documents.
  • At least 1 year of experience as an accountant in primary documentation.
  • Carefulness, sociability, responsibility, diligence.
  • Ability to work with a large amount of information.