Complex of mobile WWTP (MG «Power of Siberia»)

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  • Category: PlanaOS-B-Block, Process-MBBR
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Capacity 50 m3/day. Application of mobile bio-carrier.

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Complex of mobile WWTP

Complex of block-modular biological treatment plants. MBBR technology.

  • The capacity of each station is 50 m3/day
  • Power of Siberia gas pipeline
  • Kovytkinskoye and Kharasaveyskoye deposits
  • MBBR technology (mobile bioloading)
  • Production, installation supervision, commissioning
  • 2021…2022

Serial mobile block-modular installations PlanaOS-B-50 are designed for operation at temporary camps for builders of oil and gas pipelines and at oil and gas industry facilities. The versatility of the installations is achieved largely due to the MBBR biological treatment technology using bio-loading — a complex of mobile activated sludge carriers, and a large margin of technological capacity. Built-in effluent heating and post-treatment section ensure the achievement of standard indicators with significant fluctuations in loads at the inlet to the WWTP. The block design allows the station to be dismantled, transported and installed at a new construction site.

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