Oil-containing wastewater treatment plants (Sevastopol PSU-TPP)

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  • Category: PlanaOS-P, Process-Flo
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Capacity 30 m3/hour

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DAF at the PlanaOS-P treatment plant

Treatment facilities for industrial oily wastewater

  • Productivity 30 m3/h.
  • Sevastopol (Tavricheskaya) CCGT-TPP «Tavricheskaya», Republic of Crimea.
  • Installation in the customer’s building.
  • Design, manufacture, installation, commissioning.
  • Technological adjustment of the cleaning process
  • 2018

PlanaOS-P treatment facilities are designed to treat wastewater contaminated with oil and oil products coming from the territory of fuel depots, production sites and workshops, from oil receiving pits of transformers of the on-site unit, buildings of the main building of TPP, HVAC, etc., to the standards established by the technical project requirements.

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