Biological treatment plant (NOVATEK)

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  • Category: PlanaOS-B-Block, Process-SBR
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Capacity 150 cubic meters/day.

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Station for biological treatment of domestic wastewater from the production site

  • Capacity 150 m3/day
  • Tarkosaleneftegaz, Severo-Russkoye field
  • Design, manufacturing, installation supervision, commissioning
  • SBR Technology
  • 2021

The block-modular biological treatment station is based on the SBR technology (sequential reactor). The station is equipped with a process automation system, equipment for mechanical treatment and reagent treatment of wastewater, a post-treatment section on pressure filters, a UV disinfection unit, and a bag sludge dehydration unit. The station provides treatment of household wastewater in terms of explosives, COD, BOD, nitrogen group and phosphorus to the standards of «fish farm».

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PlanaOS-B-Block, Process-SBR