Development of design and engineering documentation for treatment facilities

We cooperate with design organizations and engineering centers of the Customer

PLANА Engineering Group LLC works with dozens of design institutes, organizations and engineering centers in the field of designing wastewater treatment plants and applying the company’s solutions at facilities and projects at the stages of feasibility study, design study, examination, tender and detailed design.

Technical certificate of WWTP

Passport documentation for projects and feasibility studies

The technical passport contains all the necessary information for the application of treatment facilities or the installation of a PLANА in a feasibility study, project or tender documentation.

  • Description and flow diagram
  • Guaranteed cleaning performance
  • Characteristics of the process control system
  • Dimensional and layout solutions
  • Technical characteristics of the treatment plant
  • Power consumption and other loads
  • Reagent and consumable requirements
  • Waste generation and disposal
  • Specification of engineering life support systems
  • Scheme of bindings for external communications
  • Completeness and scope of delivery
  • Manufacturer’s declaration and approvals

The technical passport is provided together with the commercial offer of «PLANА Engineering Group LLC» for the supply and provision of related services.

We always calculate our treatment plants for a specific quality of water and wastewater and form a technical proposal for you in relation to the object and project of the Customer.

Technological project and assignments for related sections

Technological sections are the «heart» of any wastewater treatment plant project, and the automation section determines the possibility of effective process control. We work out in detail all aspects of design solutions and issue to the partner — the design organization — ready-made sections for inclusion in the project.

We form the following sections in the project:

  • Explanatory note
  • Justification for the choice of technology and equipment
  • Process flow diagram
  • Automation scheme
  • Layout decisions
  • Electromechanical solutions (technology)
  • Assignments for foundations and structures
  • Technological and engineering loads
  • Technological specifications
  • Equipment and Instrumentation Specifications
  • Data sheets for factory equipment
  • Commercial proposals for inclusion in estimates
Technological design of water treatment facilities

Participation in the examination and project approvals

Project documentation is developed by us in accordance with the «Regulations on the composition of sections of design documentation and requirements for their content» (Decree No. 87 of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 16, 2008), taking into account the corporate requirements of the Customer. Compliance with state standards and accurate technological calculation according to the technical specifications of the project is the key to the rapid passage of project documentation developed by PLANА in the bodies of state or private expertise. In any case, the comments of the state expertise bodies regarding the sections of the PLANА will be taken into account, and the documentation will be adjusted.

Development of working design documentation 

The development and coordination with the Customer of the working design documentation is the most important stage in the preparation of production and the assembly of the product. Together with the Customer, we carefully work out technological and engineering solutions, taking into account both state and corporate standards, as well as the features of the facility. This ensures the maximum match of the result of the work — the existing treatment facilities — with your expectations.

The development of design documentation is carried out using a modern system of structural BIM design.

As part of the project documentation, we are developing sections:

  • Technological solutions
  • Technological automation
  • Architectural Solutions
  • KR design solutions
  • Electromechanical solutions
  • Power supply
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Safety and fire alarms
  • Foundation assignments
Development of design documentation for treatment facilities

The composition and scope of the working design documentation provided to the Customer is specified by the contract.