Biochips — Floating biofilm carrier for WWTP

New generation of mobile biofilm carrier for wastewater treatment plants (MBBR)

«Biochips» is a floating, mobile activated sludge carrier used in biological treatment plants based on MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) technology

Protected surface At least 5000 m2/m3
Form Round, with reinforced rim
Material Polyethylene
Diameter ok. 28 mm
Thickness 1…1.05 mm
Density (w/o Biofilm) 0.95 g/cm3

Biochips mobile carrier advantages

  • High wear resistance — lifetime service life
  • Ability to «discard» excess activated sludge while moving
  • Optimal biofilm thickness providing nutrition and oxygen supply
  • Media geometry prevents silting or contamination
  • No periodic cleaning or rinsing of the bioload required
  • Possibility of application both in new and reconstructed wastewater treatment plants

PLANA floating biocarrier Engineering Services

  • Development of MBBR technology and design of treatment facilities for specific tasks of the Customer.
  • Modernization of existing treatment facilities using floating bioload.
  • Increasing the technological capacity of bioreactors.
  • Launch and technological commissioning of treatment facilities.
  • Solve the problems of inappropriate use of floating bioload.
  • Technological adjustment of the biological process to achieve the «fish farm» standards.

Biological treatment plants: implementation examples

Complex of mobile WWTP (MG «Power of Siberia»)
Complex of mobile WWTP (MG «Power of Siberia»)
Capacity 50 m3/day. Application of mobile bio-carrier.
PlanaOS-B-Block, Process-MBBR
Biological treatment plant for a coal mine
Biological treatment plant for a coal mine
Capacity 300 m3/day. Application of mobile bio-carrier (MBBR).
PlanaOS-B-Block, Process-MBBR
Sewage treatment facilities (Kemerovo region)
Sewage treatment facilities (Kemerovo region)
Capacity 1700 m3/day. Technology using mobile bio-carrier.
PlanaOS-B, Process-MBBR