Seasonal sewage treatment plant (De-Kastri)

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  • Category: PlanaOS-P
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Capacity 3 l/s

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Block installation for the treatment of rainwater and melted snow

Seasonal surface runoff treatment plant for oil loading terminal

  • Capacity 3 l/s
  • Far East, De-Kastri
  • EXXON MOBILE oil loading terminal
  • Design, manufacturing, installation supervision, commissioning
  • 2019

The unit is made for installation in the production building of the Customer. The plant is equipped with a process automation system, reagent waste treatment equipment, a laminar separation and two-stage filtration section, a UV disinfection unit, and a bag sludge dehydration unit. The plant provides wastewater treatment in terms of «Petroleum products», «Suspended solids», BOD, «Iron» to the standards of «fish farm».

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