Block-modular (packaged) biological treatment plants PlanaOS-B-Block

Purification of domestic and similar wastewater.
Achievable cleaning standard — «fish farm».
Productivity 10…600 m3/day and more.
Block-modular (containerized) design.

Features and benefits of PlanaOS-B-Block stations:

  • Version for the Far North and Arctic regions
  • Maximum prefabrication units
  • Reducing on-site installation
  • Stainless tanks — service life up to 50 years
  • Cleaning technologies SBR, MBBR, MBR
  • Cold drain heating unit
  • 100% redundancy of the main equipment

PlanaPoint Biologics for WWTP MBBR Carrier

PlanaOS-B biological treatment stations are made in the form of block modules on a supporting frame. The built-in tanks represent a single unit with the supporting frame. The closed version of the stations provides comfortable year-round maintenance of treatment facilities and is the most suitable for the uninterrupted operation of equipment and production lines in the northern regions of Russia.

Block-modular (containerized) biological treatment plants PlanaOS-B-Block

* An example of a layout solution for a station with a built-in equalizer

The PlanaOS-B-Block stations are designed for operation at temperatures up to -60 Celsius Deg. With and are equipped with reinforced insulation, a powerful supply and exhaust ventilation system with heated incoming air and heated valves, a vestibule and auxiliary rooms. Of course, the safety standards and corporate standards of the Customer are observed.

Structural design Block-modular, packaged, maximum factory readiness
Climatic version UHL, HL1
Material of the main structures Steel 09G2S
Enclosing structures Three-layer sandwich panels 150…250 mm
Process tanks and trays Stainless steel
Technological pipelines PVC/PP /stainless steel
Performance 10…600 m3/day and more
Load range 50…100% of the nominal
Number of lines From 2 to 4 independent biological treatment lines
Mechanical cleaning Self-cleaning Arc Sieve /Drum sieve
Runoff averaging Built-in technological averager
Heating of cold drains Submersible electric heater / heat exchanger
Basic technology Complete biological purification (SBR, MBBR, MBR)
Phosphorus removal Combined (biological/ reagent)
Post-treatment of drains Pressure two-stage filtration /continuous self-washing filters
Disinfection of drains UV (optional — reagent)
Disposal of treated effluents Under residual pressure / pressure
Sludge dewatering Bag / screw-plate dehydrator
Reservation 100% hot reserve for equipment with drive
Automation LSU based on a programmable logic controller
Operator’s workplace 15″ panel with mnemonic interface
C&I interfaces 4…20 mA, HART
Interfaces with the Customer’s automated control system RS 485 / Modbus RTU / Ethernet / Modbus TCP
Technological control Express laboratory, tests, portable devices
Additional Spare parts, reagents and consumables for the period of the NDP

The stations provide cleaning of household and similar wastewater in terms of composition to the standards of «fish farm», or to other values established by the technical requirements of the Customer.

Indicator, mg/dm3 Input (SBR) Input (MBBR) Input (MBR) Output *
Suspended solids 250…600 150…400 150…600 3
BOD5 250…600 150…250 150…600 2,1
BODfull 250…700 180…300 180…800 3
COD 250…1000 250…500 250…1000 15
Phosphate by phosphorus 2…16 2…16 2…16 0.5
Ammonium nitrogen NH4 ≤ 80 ≤ 80 ≤ 80 0.4
Nitrite nitrogen NO2 ≤ 0.1 ≤ 0.1 ≤ 0.1 0.02
Nitrogen nitrate NO3 ≤ 1 ≤ 1 ≤ 1 9,0
Surfactants ≤ 5 ≤ 5 ≤ 5 0.5
Petroleum products ≤ 5 ≤ 5 ≤ 5 0.05
General Fe ≤ 3 ≤ 3 ≤ 3 0,1
pH (in pH units) 6.5…8.5 6.5…8.5 6.5…8.5 6.5…8.5

* Values in accordance with the requirements of ORDER No. 522 dated December 13, 2016 «On approval of water quality standards for water bodies of fishery significance, including standards for maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances in the waters of water bodies of fishery significance.» The plant is not a source of excess pollution in terms of other controlled parameters.
** Achievement of the standards at the outlet is guaranteed provided that the following concentrations are not exceeded: sulfates ≤ 300 mg/dm3, chlorides ≤ 300 mg/dm3, dry residue ≤ 500 mg/dm3, and the absence of contaminants toxic to the biocenosis.
*** In case of unbalanced effluents (significant deviation from the condition BOD20/N/Р=100/5/1), nutrient solutions and biological preparations are additionally used.

We determine the configuration and cost of the station individually, based on your technical specification, the object and the project situation.

Upon your request, we will provide a technical passport, a technological solution, a dimensional solution, bindings and loads, a commercial offer for the supply and provision of services.

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Examples of implementations and projects

Biological WWTP (Pipeline «Power of Siberia»)
Biological WWTP (Pipeline «Power of Siberia»)
Capacity 300 m3/day.
PlanaOS-B-Block, Process-SBR
Complex of mobile WWTP (MG «Power of Siberia»)
Complex of mobile WWTP (MG «Power of Siberia»)
Capacity 50 m3/day. Application of mobile bio-carrier.
PlanaOS-B-Block, Process-MBBR
Biological treatment plant (MG «Power of Siberia»)
Biological treatment plant (MG «Power of Siberia»)
Capacity 200 m3/day.
PlanaOS-B-Block, Process-SBR