PlanaOS-L-Block storm and oily water containerized treatment plant

PlanaOS-L-Bock treatment facilities and block-modular (containerized) plants are designed to treat surface rain and industrial runoff, contaminated with suspended solids, oil and oil products, to the requirements of discharge into natural water body («fish farm»).

  • Compact «container» construct
  • Full factory readiness
  • Easy replacement of cassette filters
  • Seasonal or year-round operation
  • Online analysis of cleaning quality

PlanaOS-P PlanaNS-K Tanks

The units are equipped with reagent treatment units for wastewater, a coalescent module, a UV disinfection unit for wastewater, a sludge dewatering unit, and a pressure discharge station for treated wastewater. The cassette design of the pressure-free filters and the sewage distribution system ensure a uniform hydraulic load of the filters, the absence of «flushes» and contamination slips. If there are industry requirements (for example, for thermal power plants etc.), the installations are equipped with a unit for analyzing the quality of treated wastewater.

PlanaOS-L-Block storm and oily water containerized treatment plant

* An example of a layout solution. An external accumulating tank of untreated wastewater with a pumping unit for the supply of wastewater for cleaning is conditionally not shown.

The PlanaOS-L-Block stations are designed for operation at a positive ambient temperature. The installations can be made in a block-modular version for outdoor installation, or in the installation option in the Customer’s production room.

Structural design Block-modular, maximum factory readiness
Climatic version Y, UHL, HL1 (when placed outdoors)
The material of the main structures Steel 09G2S
Enclosing structures Three-layer sandwich panels 150…250 mm
Process tanks and trays Carbon Steel
Technological pipelines PVC/PP/carbon steel
Performance 1…15 l/s
Number of lines From 1 to 3
Runoff averaging External storage tank
Basic technologies Reagent treatment, coalescence of petroleum products, laminar separation-settling, mechanical and sorption filtration, UV disinfection
Disinfection of drains UV disinfection
Disposal of treated effluents Under residual pressure / pressure
Sludge dewatering Bag, gravity / screw-plate dehydrator
Reservation 100% hot reserve for drive equipment
Automation LSU based on a programmable logic controller
Operator’s workplace 15″ panel with mnemonic interface
KIP interfaces 4…20 mA, HART
Interfaces with the Customer’s automated control system RS 485 / Modbus RTU / Ethernet / Modbus TCP
Additional Spare parts, reagents and consumables for the period of the NDP

The plants provide wastewater treatment up to the indicators given in the table.

Indicator, mg/dm3 At the inlet to the balance tank, before settling, no more than *) At the entrance to the treatment plant, no more than At the outlet of the treatment plant, no more than
Suspended solids 1000 150 3
BODfull 100 30 3
Petroleum products 50 **) 15 0.05

*) The storage tank must be equipped with a sand trap, oil retention and settling sections.
**) An increase in the concentration of oil products entering the treatment plant may require the installation of an oil and oil trap in front of the treatment plant.

The cost is determined by us in relation to your project, facility and wastewater quality.

Upon your request, we will provide a technical passport, a technological solution, a dimensional solution, bindings and loads, a commercial offer for the supply and provision of services.

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