PlanaRN tanks for wastewater and drinking water

Reservoirs PlanaRN are designed for the accumulation, averaging and storage of aqueous media.
Capacity 5…120 m3.
Execution is horizontal, cylindrical.
Mounting method — recessed or ground.

PlanaRN features and benefits:

  • Oil and gas industry standards
  • Northern version
  • Steel tank with anti-corrosion protection
  • Double insulated and heated steel body
  • Complete with pump unit on request
  • Explosion-proof (Ex) on request

WTP WWTP Pumping Stations PlanaPoint

Depending on the technical requirements, the PlanaRN tank is designed for underground or surface mounting. Wastewater tanks are equipped with external fins, which significantly reduces the likelihood of corrosion of the internal, working surfaces of the tank when storing such aggressive media as household and septic drains.

PlanaRN tanks for wastewater and drinking water

* Example of a layout solution for an untreated wastewater averaging tank

If necessary, the tanks PlanaRN are equipped with pumping equipment for pressure discharge of the stored water medium. Pumps with a cutting mechanism are used for household drains. If necessary, the tanks are equipped with a sediment stirring system.

Additional skimmer for collecting floating petroleum products

Structural design Block, maximum factory readiness
Climatic version UHL, HL1
Equipment and instrumentation design General Industrial / Explosion-proof (Ex)
Tank wall material Steel 09G2S, stainless steel
Tank design Cylindrical, single- or double-walled
Insulation and heating of the tank Electric or heat carrier of the Customer
Anticorrosive coatings Zinc-filled/polyurethane/epoxy composition
Technological pipelines Stainless steel
Garbage collection Lifting basket-grid
Pumping equipment Submersible pumps with automatic pipe coupling
Lifting equipment Chain hoist or mobile lifting device
Automation LSU based on a programmable logic controller
Level sensors Float detectors / radar level gauge
Interfaces with the Customer’s automated control system RS 485 / Modbus RTU / Ethernet / Modbus TCP
Material of the main structures of the BKU Steel 09G2S
BKU enclosing structures Three-layer sandwich panels 150…250 mm

The equipment complies with the requirements of TR CU 010/2011 «On the safety of machinery and equipment», TR CU 012/2011 «On the safety of equipment for work in explosive environments» (for explosion-proof equipment).

The cost is determined by us in relation to your project and the object.

Upon your request, we will provide a technical passport, a technological solution, a dimensional solution, bindings and loads, a commercial offer for the supply and provision of services.

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Examples of implementations and projects

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Pumping stations for Tarkosaleneftegaz
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