Packaged drinking water treatment plants PlanaVP-Block

PlanaVP-Block packaged household water treatment plants provide water purification from natural underground and subsurface sources up to the standards established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The capacity is 1…25 m3/hour or more.

  • Factory ready
  • Mobility (possibility of relocation)
  • Block-modular design
  • Version for Northern regions
  • Wide range cleaning technologies
  • Automatic operation mode
  • Compliance with safety requirements

WTP PlanaNS-V PlanaNS-F

PlanaVP-Block modular stations are designed and executed in the form of a complete block-modular building. The station is equipped with all necessary technological equipment and technological tanks, shut-off valves, piping and cable strapping, actuators, instrumentation, technological automation and communication systems, engineering systems: heating; natural and forced supply and exhaust ventilation; lighting; water supply; sewerage; electricity; security and fire alarm systems; grounding, alarm and communication.

Packaged drinking water treatment plants PlanaVP-Block

* Example of the layout solution of a block-modular water treatment plant

PlanaVP-Block installations are designed and supplied by PLAN company in strict relation to the quality of the source water, production and climatic conditions of use. The installations are equipped with pumping stations of water supply and tank equipment.

Constructive execution of the block, maximum factory readiness Reserving of the drive equipment «Hot» reserving

Source water Natural water from a surface or underground source
Applied technologies Determined by the composition of the source water
Technological capacities Polyethylene, stainless steel
Climatic version UHL, HL1
Equipment and instrumentation design General industrial
The material of the main structures of the BKU Steel 09G2S
BKU enclosing structures Three-layer sandwich panels 150…250 mm
Heating Electric or heat carrier of the Customer
Technological capacities Polyethylene, stainless steel
Technological pipelines PVC, PE, stainless steel
Control of feed pumps Frequency control
Automation LSU based on a programmable logic controller
Interfaces with the Customer’s automated control system RS 485 / Modbus RTU / Ethernet / Modbus TCP
Additional Complete set of diesel power plant (DES).

The equipment complies with the requirements of TR CU 010/2011 «On the safety of machinery and equipment».

Water for the purposes of household drinking water supply is purified to the standards in accordance with the requirements of SanPiN and SanPiN 2.1.3684-21.

The cost is determined by us in relation to your project, facility and raw water quality.

At your request, we will provide a technical passport, a technological solution, a dimensional solution, bindings and loads, a commercial offer for the supply and provision of services.

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