PlanaOS-R recycled industrial water supply units

The most relevant issues of recycling water supply are for transport enterprises, where rolling stock and flight personnel are washed, the effluents from which are contaminated with suspensions, oils and oil products, surfactants, etc.

  • Circulating water supply of production sites and workshops
  • Local industrial wastewater treatment
  • Railway rolling stock washing
  • Washing of urban rolling stock (metro, tram, bus)
  • Washing of industrial equipment

Technologies PlanaOS-P-FLO PlanaNS-K

Water recycling systems allow enterprises to significantly reduce their need for clean water, as well as reduce environmental pollution by localizing the source of pollution. Since the requirements for the quality of technical water supply at various enterprises differ and depend on the nature of production, the treatment facilities for re-water supply are adapted to a specific production cycle and tasks.

PlanaOS-R recycled industrial water supply units

* Example layout solution

Execution Block, for installation in the Customer’s premises
Performance 1…10 m3/hour
Pre-cleaning Settling, removal of floating petroleum products
Basic cleaning Pressure flotation with preliminary reagent treatment
Post-cleaning Non-pressure or pressure two-stage filtration (mechanical and sorption filter)
Disposal of treated effluents Under residual pressure
Process tanks and trays Carbon or stainless steel
Technological pipelines PVC /PP / PVC/Carbon Steel
Automation Based on a programmable logic controller
Indicator, mg/dm3 At the entrance, no more than At the output, no more than
Suspended solids 400 3
Petroleum products 40 5
BOD 140 3

The cost is determined by us in relation to your project, facility and wastewater quality.

At your request, we will provide a technical passport, a technological solution, a dimensional solution, bindings and loads, a commercial offer for the supply and provision of services.

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